The Law Firm takes part in many civil, criminal and administrative cases, including those brought before the National Prosecutor's Office, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court


Each case is individually assigned to a attorney specialising in a particular field or, depending on the needs of a client, to a team of attorneys


The Law Firm is in constant contact with the client, and the attorneys accepting the case to conduct the proceedings, perform their activities personally, guaranteeing the highest quality of provided services

Skadłubowicz Law Firm provides legal assistance in many areas of law, with particular emphasis on civil and commercial law cases (entities from the architectural and construction sector) conducted by attorney Leszek Skadłubowicz, and court disputes in civil, administrative and commercial cases, as well as criminal cases conducted by attorney Marek Skadłubowicz.
The Law Firm handles clients’ cases ranging from small disputes to investments within Poland (including Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kielce) worth over half a billion PLN, as well as foreign clients in English and German (including Ukraine, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Germany), including administrative and court proceedings.
The Law Firm, within the framework of conducted law practice, also cooperates with attorneys from many specialist branches of law (including labour law, family law, German civil law, tax law), as well as with notary and bailiff's offices, which allows for a comprehensive service and provision of legal assistance to a wide range of clients.